Washbourn Bracket clock
Washbourn Bracket Clock Back
Rare London Bracket Clock by Thomas Washbourn, Circa 1750

This is your opportunity to own a fine original bracket clock made by Thomas Washbourn of London circa 1750.  This example has a fine original inverted bell top ebonized case with original handle and detailed strike/silent in the arch over a Roman and Arabic chapter ring and matted center with nice original signature plate, hands, and date aperture.

The fine eight day, five pillar movement striking on a bell that can be turned off, repeat striking, original crown wheel escapement with false pendulum and date aperture.

This example is in fine working condition.  The back plate of the movement is nicely engraved with a floral design around an eagle.  The movement rests on a original seat board that is elevated in the case by two side flanges.  The movement is constrained by to original screws extending up from the bottom outside surface of the case.  There are no extra holes in the case or movement and there is no major restoration to the clock. 

Thomas Washbourn Died in 1756

This clock stands 21 inches.

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Rare Eight-Day Wagon Spring Double Candlestick Shelf Clock by Birge and Fuller, Circa 1845

This is a great original 8 day double-steeple, double candlestick shelf clock designed by Joseph Ives and made by Birge & Fuller with an accelerating lever spring movement.

The clock is in wonderful, running condition.  A thin sheet of clear plastic protects the label.  The case and glasses are in very good condition and match!  The glasses have never been out of the case.

The Birge and Fuller Wagon Spring Steeple clock is one of the most significant clocks designed and produced within the US and exemplify the creativity and beauty of the Connecticut Production shelf clock.

This clock was recently acquired from the collection of an avid collector. 

Ht. 26”, wd. 13.75”, dp. 4”





Simon Willard Lighthouse with Alarm
Lighthouse Clock Dial

Simon Willard Lighthouse Clock with Alarm

Fine Reproduction

The movement is an 8 day accurate reproduction of the Willard clock with a with a fall-down hour bell and was made by David Lindow.

The wonderful mahogany veneer case is also a fine copy of an original with accurate brass mounts.  There is a small door on the backside of the clock to access the weight.

The Dome is hand blown and is and is original to the clock.

The dial is signed “Simon Willard” “Roxbury” and is 4.5 in. diameter with an inner alarm dial.

If you’re a collector is American clocks and would like to add a Simon Willard lighthouse clock to your collection, this may be your best opportunity without paying 250 K plus.  And, few lighthouse clocks that exist today are a beautiful as this one.

The clock is 29 ˝ inches in height.



























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FINE CHELSEA YACHT WHEEL CLOCK  In wonderful original working condition:  Circa 1940

This is a fine, original heavy Yacht Wheel Clock in fine original condition including finish.  This clock contains it brown patina base and ship wheel finish.   This collector example is free of any damage other than minor starches on the mahogany base.   No damage or dings to bronze and brass.  Original blued hands and silvered dial.

This clock is serialized 270646 throughout, dated it to 1940.  The clock measures 10 Ľ high.  The original untouched silvered dial is 4” in dial.  If you’re looking for a fine collector example all original including finish, this clock may be for you.

The clock is running and chiming perfect.

Chelsea Clocks are considered some of the finest clocks made in America.  They have been presented to heads of state throughout the world and have shown up within the White House in numerous photos.

French Portico Clock
French Portico Clock Rear

French Empire Mantle Clock, Movement Stamped BP, Circa 1875

This is a great original 14 day French Portico Mantle Clock.  This example is a larger size with extremely high quality original fire gilded mounts, bezel, capitals, and pendulum.  And, this clock is 100% original including finish and hands.  The clock is powered by a wonderful original oversized, highest quality, French "count wheel" movement.

These clocks are fairly common today; however, the originality and quality of this example make is somewhat rare.

If your looking for a high quality antique clock in collector condition, this is a wonderful opportunity.  And, this clock is priced at only $750.00 !!!!!!!!!

This clock is completely overhauled and running great.




Ht. 22 1/2”














Mercer Chronometer Fine Mercer Chronometer


Fine Brass Basket-Top Bracket Clock by Edmund Massey, Circa 1680

Height,  top of basket-  11 1/2",  top of handle-  13",   width of base 9 1/4".  Dial is 6" square.  Knopped and finned 5 pillar movement with latched plates throughout including dial,  beautifully engraved with exceptional backcock.  The original movement has pull 1/4 hour repeat on 2 bells with original verge never reinstated.

Dial center is nicely matted.  Case has gilded feet with small claws with fire gilded basket top with under red silk.

Edmund Massey was an early apprentice to Joseph Knibb in 1674, C.C. 1682-90.   See Watch & Clockmakers, by Loomes and by Baillie and Old Clocks & Watches by Britain for listing.






















Nice example of Crane's year duration shelf clock (Model D.1.) with a well preserved brass, spring fusee movement with Geneva stops, "walking" escapement, bi-metallic temperature compensating  six ball pendulum and strike release.

The wonderful varnish stained mahogany case has four free standing columns and applied pressed brass mounts.  The exceptional original paper on glass dial is signed "Year Clock Co., New York, A.D. Crane's Patent".

Literature:  This clock is featured/pictured in Shelley, NAWCC Bulletin Supplement 16, 1987, page 17, 68-67.  It is also illustrated in Tran Duy Ly's "American Clocks" Volume 3, page 186.

Ht. 23 in.




Fine Lyre Shelf Clock Signed Lepaute Paris Circa 1880

Fine example of a 14 day French lyre clock with original fire gilt ormolu with detailed burnishing and chasing all mounted to an original crotch mahogany veneered case.  Fine cornucopia ormolu mounts and extremely detailed pendulum and support.  The clock retains its original untouched rear movement cover.

The clock houses a fine original 8 day inverted movement and keeps good time.

The clock is 100% complete with no alterations.

Ht. 20 1/4 in.







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French "TIME & STRIKE" Mystery Swinger Clock by PAXLABOR & Signed by Rancoulet, Circa 1890

This is an exceptional example with the finest detail and in the finest condition.  The spelter statue retains all of its original finish.

The swinging arm is in excellent condition and chimes on the hour.

Excellent running order.

Ht. 37 in.










Simon Willard Lighthouse with Alarm