BostonClock.Com will market and list your “quality” timepiece with fair guidelines. Contrary to selling in auction, your clock will be listed with no risk of damage, marketed over a greater period of time for maximum exposure, not misrepresented, and not subject to buyers/Sellers premiums that could reduce the selling price of your item by more than 30%.  Many fine clocks are passes without even having listed.

If you are wanting to sell, let me know. I how I can help.

Guidelines include:

    Honesty between sellers, buyers, and BostonClock.Com

    Absolute description accuracy

    Agreed availability to a potential buyer

    Fair warning if Item is to be removed from BostonClock.Com Listing

    Buyers benefit because they're buying quality clocks out of collections and not "Dealer Resale Clocks".  This doesn't imply that there are some great dealers out there with fine offerings.