About Us:

BostonClock.Comís goal is aligning collectors and select quality dealers to establish a superior network for the purpose of selling, trading, locating, and purchasing quality timepieces.

 BostonClock.Com was founded and is managed by Eric Litscher who has been collecting various antiques since attending Engineering School in Long Beach, CA.  He gained an interest in clocks while working as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Eric has been employed in both the US and Japan and is the inventor of over 17 US and international patents ranging from consumer products to medical instruments. Eric has continued to have a primary interest in clocks and applied mechanisms.

Clocks combine physics, artistic and mechanical design, and the historic evolution of manufacturing methods.  Who could ask for a more gratifying subject matter for study, collecting, and for decoration.........

Eric has been a collector for the last 18 years and is taking this opportunity to support some of the positive relationships created as well as build new ones. There is a need for a better alliance of high end collectors for selling, finding, and purchasing quality timepieces and BostonClock.Com intends to help.